Sabine Stolz

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OBJECTIVES To compare the safety of a conventional polyurethane transparent dressing and a novel highly permeable polyurethane dressing, as compared with standard gauze and tape, as site dressings for pulmonary artery catheters; and to rigorously determine the sources of bloodstream infections deriving from these catheters. DESIGN Prospective, randomized,(More)
BACKGROUND Studies linking particulate matter (PM) with heart failure (HF) show inconsistent results. However, the association of air pollution with diastolic function, an important determinant of heart failure, has not been studied yet and is addressed in the presented study. METHODS 402 women (69-79 years) of the clinical follow-up (2007-2010) of the(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Lung function depends nonlinearly on age and height, so that the use of age and height specific reference values is required. The widely used age and height specific GLI (Global Lung Initiative) z-scores derived from cross-sectional data, however, have not been proven for validity in an elderly population or for longitudinal data.(More)
BACKGROUND Long-term air pollution exposure has been associated with chronic inflammation providing a link to the development of chronic health effects. Furthermore, there is evidence that pathways activated by endoplasmatic reticulum (ER) stress induce airway inflammation and thereby play an important role in the pathogenesis of inflammatory diseases. (More)
In this case of an extraskeletal osteosarcoma initially there were typical difficulties in diagnosing a) a malignant mesenchymal tumor and b) a bone-producing tumor. Only focally the text-booking findings of an osteosarcoma were present. The differential diagnosis concerned mainly pseudosarcomatous lesions with bone formations, which histologically may(More)
BACKGROUND It has been suggested that extrinsic skin ageing manifests differently in Caucasians versus East Asians. In particular, from previous studies it was concluded that Caucasians are more prone to develop wrinkles, whereas pigment spot formation is the hallmark of extrinsic skin ageing in East Asians. However, these assumptions are based on a very(More)