Sabine Seggewiß

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Dermal fibroblasts provide a paradigmatic model of cellular adaptation to long-term exogenous stress and ageing processes driven thereby. Here we addressed whether fibroblast ageing analysedex vivo entails genome instability. Dermal fibroblasts from human female donors aged 20-67 years were studied in primary culture at low population doubling. Under these(More)
Macroautophagy/autophagy is an evolutionarily conserved cellular process whose induction is regulated by the ULK1 protein kinase complex. The subunit ATG13 functions as an adaptor protein by recruiting ULK1, RB1CC1 and ATG101 to a core ULK1 complex. Furthermore, ATG13 directly binds both phospholipids and members of the Atg8 family. The central involvement(More)
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