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Recent investigations into grounded models of language have shown that holistic views of language and perception can provide higher performance than independent views. In this work, we improve a two-dimensional multi-modal version of Latent Dirichlet Allocation (Andrews et al., 2009) in various ways. (1) We outperform text-only models in two different(More)
This paper presents an analysis of semantic association norms for German nouns. In contrast to prior studies, we not only collected associations elicited by written representations of target objects but also by their pictorial representations. In a first analysis, we identified systematic differences in the type and distribution of associate responses for(More)
This paper discusses the role of morphological and syntactic information in the automatic acquisition of semantic classes for Catalan adjectives, using decision trees as a tool for exploratory data analysis. We show that a simple mapping from the derivational type to the semantic class achieves 70.1% accuracy; syntactic function reaches a slightly higher(More)
A subset of German function verbs can be used either in a full, concrete, 'heavy' ("take a computer") or in a more metaphorical, abstract or 'light' meaning ("take a shower", no actual 'taking' involved). The present magnetoencephalographic (MEG) study explored whether this subset of 'light' verbs is represented in distinct cortical processes. A random(More)
We present a collection of association norms for 246 German depictable compound nouns and their constituents, comprising 58,652 association tokens distributed over 26,004 stimulus-associate pair types. Analyses of the data revealed that participants mainly provided noun associates, followed by adjective and verb associates. In corpus analyses, co-occurrence(More)
One of the most critical problems in word disambiguation research is determining the sense distinctions that are required or meaningful for natural language processing applications. In recent years, computational linguistics have typically taken a practical approach to the problem, including the use of pre-defined sense inventories in WordNet and other(More)
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