Sabine Schindele

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Forty patients with a 30° to 70° palmar displacement of a little finger metacarpal neck fracture were treated either with closed reduction and intramedullary splinting, or conservatively without reduction. Functional mobilization was started after 1 week in both groups. A radiological and clinical assessment of flexion and extension of the small finger(More)
The results and complications using a palmar plate system with the possibility of multidirectional fixed-angle screw fixation (Aptus® Radius 2.5 mm by Medartis®) for the treatment of unstable distal radius fractures were evaluated in a single cohort study including 62 patients. Patients with extra- and intraarticular fractures were evaluated separately. The(More)
Current surgical treatments for distal radial fractures include dorsal and palmar plate fixation. We report results of a randomised study comparing these methods for AO C1-3 fractures. The emphasis was placed on the early postoperative functional recovery within the first 6 months as this interval is of decisive importance for elderly patients. Thirty(More)
Seventeen pyrocarbon PIP prostheses were implanted into 14 patients, followed prospectively and reviewed clinically. The patients were assessed after a mean follow-up of 20.5 months subjectively by a VAS pain scale and radiographically. Significant pain relief was noted in all patients from a mean of 7.6 pre-operatively to 1.3 at final follow-up. Migration(More)
For the reconstruction of destroyed metacarpophalangeal (MP) joints in rheumatoid arthritis, the Swanson silicon spacer is still the golden standard. However, long-term follow-up reveals an increasing number of complications, particularly mechanical failure. In order to deal with these problems a number of new, biomechanically different silicone implants(More)
Results of anatomical resurfacing of the proximal interphalangeal joint using pyrocarbon implants showed reasonable clinical results with a high radiographic migration rate. The aim was to investigate the subjective, clinical, and radiographic results 10 years following surgery, and to compare them with our 2-year follow-up data. We re-evaluated 12 patients(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of our study was to investigate if pre- and postoperative radiographic thumb carpometacarpal position is correlated with clinical and subjective outcomes. Radiographs of 105 patients undergoing trapeziectomy with ligament reconstruction and tendon interposition were analysed before, as well as 1 year after, surgery for dorsal subluxation(More)