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INTRODUCTION There is no doubt that lifestyle factors can be detrimental to fertility. The aim of the present pilot study was to identify initial prevalence rates for behaviour-related fertility disorders in a clinical sample of couples wanting a child. METHODS Between February 2010 and August 2010, all patients coming for the first time to Heidelberg(More)
BACKGROUND Whereas prevention of cardiovascular diseases by hormonal replacement therapy is still part of an ongoing debate, well-defined data are available relating hormonal replacement therapy to an elevated risk of venous thrombosis and embolism. Although it seems that venous thrombosis in patients treated with hormonal replacement therapy is linked to(More)
Fertility preservation prior to gonadotoxic chemotherapy by cryopreservation of the ovarian tissue and controlled ovarian stimulation can be effective immediately after induced abortion in the first trimenon. In a reproductive endocrinology and infertility unit of a tertiary care university-based medical centre (University Hospital of Heidelberg) a(More)
BACKGROUND Climacteric increases the risk of thrombotic events by alteration of plasmatic coagulation. Up to now, less is known about changes in platelet- (PMP) and endothelial cell-derived microparticles (EMP). METHODS In this prospective study, plasma levels of microparticles (MP) were compared in 21 premenopausal and 19 postmenopausal women. RESULTS(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether intravaginal application of seminal plasma at the time of follicle aspiration in IVF or intracytoplasmic sperm injection treatment cycles has the potential to increase pregnancy rate. To calculate the number of patients needed to achieve significance in a multicenter trial. DESIGN Double-blind, placebo-controlled randomized(More)
OBJECTIVE Although some patients may benefit from reduced follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) application, in-vitro maturation (IVM) belongs to the rare treatment options in assisted reproduction. We summarize our five-year IVM experience.  DESIGN  Retrospective, observational study.  SETTING  Reproductive Medicine, University Hospital. SAMPLE  115(More)
PURPOSE Natural cycle (NC) IVF/ICSI has proven to be an alternative to conventional IVF/ICSI cycles. METHODS Within our retrospective, observational study (n = 159) infertile couples underwent (n = 463) cycles of NC-IVF/ICSI from May 2007 until December 2011. Oocyte pick-up was performed within a pure natural cycle excluding any hormonal stimulation(More)
STUDY QUESTION Does intrauterine application of diluted seminal plasma (SP) at the time of ovum pick-up improve the pregnancy rate by ≥14% in IVF treatment? SUMMARY ANSWER Intrauterine instillation of diluted SP at the time of ovum pick-up is unlikely to increase the pregnancy rate by ≥14% in IVF. WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY SP modulates endometrial function,(More)
The goal of this study was to explore the experience and perception of men during the diagnosis of infertility and subsequent treatment, and the impact on role concepts, control beliefs, and quality of life on these processes. Furthermore, it aimed to derive improvements in how men should be counselled. A qualitative study was conducted. It consisted of 13(More)
BACKGROUND Only a few studies have reported cross-cultural comparisons regarding psychosocial consequences of infertility. Differences between societies with different cultural backgrounds were revealed and seemed to be based on the importance of pronatalism. Our aim was to measure cross-cultural differences in fertility specific quality of life of(More)