Sabine Obert

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The hepatitis C virus (HCV) NS5A protein is highly phosphorylated by cellular protein kinases. To study how NS5A might be integrated in cellular kinase signalling, we isolated phosphoproteins from HuH-7 hepatoma cells that specifically interacted with recombinant NS5A protein. Subsequent mass spectrometry identified the adaptor protein amphiphysin II as a(More)
According to the current model of hepadnavirus gene expression, the viral envelope proteins are produced from unspliced subgenomic RNAs, in contrast to the retroviral mechanism, where the subgenomic env RNA is generated by RNA splicing. We now describe and characterize a novel duck hepatitis B virus RNA species which is derived from the RNA pregenome by(More)
SR protein-specific kinase-1 (SRPK-1) has been identified as a validated target for hepatitis B virus (HBV). A series of novel tricyclic quinoxaline derivatives was designed and synthesised as potential kinase inhibitory antiviral agents and was found to be active and selective for SRPK-1 kinase. Most of these novel compounds have drug-like properties(More)
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