Sabine Mellor-Heineke

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Congenital neutropenia (CN) and cyclic neutropenia (CyN) are rare genetic disorders of hematopoiesis predominantly caused by ELANE mutations. Due to overlaps in their genetic profiles, CyN can be distinguished from CN by cycling neutrophil counts, usually at 21-day intervals, in the former. In contrast to CN, CyN is also characterized by cycling of(More)
Acquired mutations in the intracellular part of CSF3R (colony stimulating factor 3 receptor, granulocyte) have been detected with a frequency of more than 30% in severe congenital neutropenia (CN) patients. CN is a preleukemic syndrome with a risk of approximately 20% to develop leukemia. More than 80% of CN patients who develop acute myeloid leukemia or(More)
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