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OBJECTIVES Although guidelines usually recommend monotherapy, in clinical practice, antipsychotic polypharmacy is common especially with chronically ill patients. We therefore assessed the current practice of antipsychotic polypharmacy in "high-utilising" patients with schizophrenia in Germany. METHODS Antipsychotic medication was assessed using a(More)
Patients' satisfaction has become a central concept in quality assurance. Despite progress in research in this area is still a lack of data for geriatric patients. Referring to the consumer model, satisfaction can be described as a difference between expectations and assessed performance. The aim of this study is to analyze satisfaction among geriatric(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to develop and evaluate psychometric properties of the Clinical Decision Making Style (CDMS) scale which measures general preferences for decision making as well as preferences regarding the provision of information to the patient from the perspectives of people with severe mental illness and staff. METHODS A(More)
The present study examines barriers to disclosing sexual victimization and perceived social support after disclosure from the perspective of children and adolescents. Forty-two children and adolescents aged 6 to 17 years participated in semistructured interviews about their history of sexual victimization, the delay of disclosure, barriers to disclosure,(More)
The self-compatible Coprinopsis cinerea homokaryon AmutBmut produces fruiting bodies without prior mating to another strain. Early stages of fruiting body development include the dark-dependent formation of primary hyphal knots and their light-induced transition to the more compact secondary hyphal knots. The AmutBmut UV mutant 6-031 forms primary hyphal(More)
The helping alliance (HA) between patient and therapist has been studied in detail in psychotherapy research, but less is known about the HA in long-term community mental health care. The aim of this study was to identify typical courses of the HA and their predictors in a sample of people with severe mental illness across Europe over a measurement period(More)
Long-term survivors of pediatric cancer have an increased risk of post-traumatic stress symptoms (PTSS) and dysfunctional anxiety. However, there is a lack of evidence-based psychotherapy tailored to the needs of this target group. In this single-arm pilot study, an Internet-based psychological intervention (“Onco-STEP”) for adolescent and young adult(More)
OBJECTIVE Shared decision-making during the course of treatment is important for people with severe mental illness. However, there is still insufficient knowledge about how people with mental illness view decisions, what kind of decisions are made and how patients experience and perceive the process of participation in routine care. METHODS A qualitative(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical decision making (CDM) in the treatment of people with severe mental illness relates to a wide range of life domains. AIMS To examine content of CDM in mental health care from the perspectives of service users and staff and to investigate variation in implementation of decisions for differing content. METHOD As part of the European(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish the cost-effectiveness of needs-oriented discharge planning in high utilizers of mental health services. METHODS As part of a multicenter RCT (n = 458), costs were measured via the German version of the "Client Sociodemographic and Service Receipt Inventory" (CSSRI-EU), and the EQ-5 D was used to ascertain QALYs. Cost-effectiveness(More)