Sabine Leistritz

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Telomerase activity can be detected in most human cancers and immortal cell lines. In contrast, the lack of telomerase activity in normal diploid fibroblasts has been correlated with progressive reduction of telomere lengths to critically short sizes followed by the cessation of cell division and the onset of senescence. Several investigators have provided(More)
The aim of our study was to assess the cumulative 5-year diagnoses of CIN2, CIN3 or invasive cervical cancer (CIN2+) after concurrent screening by high-risk HPV test and Pap smear in a primary screening setting. Four thousand thirty-four women from Eastern Thuringia/Germany were recruited from 1996 to 1998 for baseline screening that included routine(More)
The oxygen utilization and, therefore, the metabolic state, of a distinctive area of the retina may be calculated from the diameter of the supplying artery and vein, the haemoglobin oxygenation, and the velocity of the blood. The first two parameters can be determined by imaging spectrometry at the patients ocular fundus. However, the reflected light(More)
Purpose. Detection of disseminated tumor cells in a cohort of patients presenting the entire spectrum of invasive cervical cancer. Methods. Disseminated tumor cells were detected in blood samples taken at different times during surgery or in bone marrow aspirates by a HPV type-specific nested PCR enzyme immunoassay (n-PCR-EIA). A group of 24 patients with(More)
For the non-invasive measurement of the oxygen saturation in human retinal vessels, the light reflected by a vessel and its surroundings is evaluated. Differences in the absorption and scattering properties of the optical media provide so-called vessel profiles, but the central vessel section is often disturbed by a regular reflex. In order to eliminate(More)
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