Sabine Lehmann

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Producing appropriate text alternatives for images in the web is a widely extended accessibility recommendation which, if successfully implemented, facilitates an enhanced web experience for all users, particularly for the visually impaired. Typically, most web accessibility evaluation tools can detect the presence or absence of an alt attribute within the(More)
Machine translation (MT) is most often used for texts of publishable quality. However, there is increasing interest in providing translations of user-generated content in customer forums. This paper describes research towards addressing this challenge by automatically improving the quality of community forum data to improve MT results. 1 Introduction With(More)
This article describes the use and development of a tool for grammar and terminology control (FLAG), for the purposes of automating the verification of terminology for a large-scale user of multilingual terminology. It describes the various advantages of the tool and shows a process for transforming a traditional terminology list into a list of inflected(More)
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