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The first version of the Standard PREanalytical Code (SPREC) was developed in 2009 by the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) Biospecimen Science Working Group to facilitate documentation and communication of the most important preanalytical quality parameters of different types of biospecimens used for research. This(More)
PURPOSE Carboxyterminally elongated and aminoterminally truncated Aβ peptides as well as their pyroglutamate and oxidized derivates are major constituents of human amyloid plaques. The objective of the present study was to characterize aminoterminally truncated or oxidized Aβ38, Aβ40, and Aβ42 peptide species in immunoprecipitated human cerebrospinal fluid(More)
Preface The tsnlp User Manual summarizes the results of the multinational project tsnlp (Test Suites for Natural Language Processing) funded by the European Commission (DG13) as part of the Language Engineering programme (as research grant LRE-62-089). tsnlp had a duration of 29 months and started in December 1993. The project produced a methodology and(More)
We present an effort for the development of multilingual named entity grammars in a unification-based finite-state formalism (SProUT). Following an extended version of the MUC7 standard, we locations, currency, time and date expressions. Subgrammars and gazetteers are shared as much as possible for the grammars of the different languages. Multilingual(More)
Declaration I hereby declare that this thesis has not been submitted for a degree to any university Signature: Acknowledgements In the course of this research I often felt I was abusing the idea of interdisciplinarity. I n fact, it felt like a path between two large gardens. These chapters are the report of those clandestine walks. The report makes a(More)
The project DiET is developing a comprehensive environment for the construction, annotation and maintenance of structured reference data for the diagnosis and evaluation of NLP applications. The target user group are developers, professional evaluators and consultants of language technology. The system, implemented in a configurable, open client/server(More)