Sabine Kunrath

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BACKGROUND Contrary to the myth that suicides increase around Christmas, multiple studies reveal that suicide rates decrease towards Christmas and return back to normal or even peak in the beginning of the new year. We aimed to replicate this effect for Austria. METHODS The analyses were based on the official suicide statistics 2000-13 using Poission(More)
Most studies have found religion/spirituality to be protective against suicide risk, with a stronger effect among women. To understand this effect, theories of suicide and clinical samples are needed, but related studies are lacking. We applied two established suicide models in 753 psychiatric inpatients. Religion/spirituality correlated protectively with(More)
In recent years, a number of different authors have stressed the usefulness of non-linear dynamic systems approach in suicide research and suicide prevention. This approach applies specific methods of time series analysis and, consequently, it requires a continuous and fine-meshed assessment of the processes under consideration. The technical means for this(More)
BACKGROUND Sexual minority (SM) individuals (gay, lesbian, bisexual, or otherwise nonheterosexual) are at increased risk for mental disorders and suicide and adequate mental healthcare may be life-saving. However, SM patients experience barriers in mental healthcare that have been attributed to the lack of SM-specific competencies and heterosexist attitudes(More)
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