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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this paper is to give an overview about the state of the art in research on home telehealth in an international perspective. METHOD The study is based on a review of the scientific literature published between 1990 and 2003 and retrieved via Medline in January/February 2004. All together, the abstracts of 578 publications have(More)
We describe a small family of proteins, CHR, which contains members that function in chromate and/or sulfate transport. CHR proteins occur in bacteria and archaea. They consist of about 400 amino acyl residues, appear to have 10 transmembrane alpha-helical segments in an unusual 4+6 arrangement, and arose by an intragenic duplication event.
OBJECTIVES Information technology is a rapidly expanding branch of science which has affected other sciences. One example of using information technology in medicine is the Electronic Medical Records system. One medical university in Iran decided to introduce such system in its hospital. This study was designed to identify the factors which influence the(More)
This paper presents a new multi-disciplinary method for user needs analysis and requirements specification in the context of health information systems based on established theories from the fields of participatory design and computer supported cooperative work (CSCW). Whereas conventional methods imply a separate, sequential needs analysis for each(More)
In the light of an aging society, effective delivery of healthcare will be more dependent on different technological solutions supporting the decentralization of healthcare, higher patient involvement and increased societal demands. The aim of this article is therefore, to describe the role of health informatics in the care of elderly people and to give an(More)
The infiltration of urban roof runoff into well permeable subsurface material may have adverse effects on the ground water quality and endanger drinking water resources. Precipitation water from three different roofs of an industrial complex was channelled to a pit and infiltrated into a perialpine glaciofluvial gravel-and-sand aquifer. A shaft was(More)
Plakophilins (PKPs) are a set of 3 constitutive armadillo repeat proteins of the desmosomal plaque, termed PKP 1, PKP 2, and PKP 3, which have been shown to be functionally relevant for desmosomal adhesion. We have performed a systematic immunohistochemical study of the 3 PKPs in oral and pharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas (SqCCs; n = 40); colorectal,(More)
Autologous fibrin-based tissue-engineered heart valves have demonstrated excellent potential as patient-derived valve replacements. The present pilot study aims to evaluate the structure and mechanical durability of fibrin-based heart valves after implantation in a large-animal model (sheep). Tissue-engineered heart valves were molded using a fibrin(More)
If humans are exposed prenatally to antiepileptic drugs (AEDs), cognitive impairment may be the consequence. Driven by results of experimental work showing that AEDs may induce neuronal death in the developing rodent brain, we wanted to explore whether prenatal exposure to AEDs (PAE) may result in structural changes in the human brain. For this purpose we(More)
BACKGROUND Medical informatics, or biomedical and health informatics (BMHI), has become an established scientific discipline. In all such disciplines there is a certain inertia to persist in focusing on well-established research areas and to hold on to well-known research methodologies rather than adopting new ones, which may be more appropriate. (More)