Sabine Kirchmeier-Andersen

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We describe two methods relevant to multilingual machine translation systems, which can be used to port linguistic data (grammars , lexicons and transfer rules) between systems used for processing related languages. The methods are fully implemented within the Spoken Language Translator system, and were used to create versions of the system for two new(More)
In this paper we describe how the translation methodology adopted for the Spoken Language Translator (SLT) addresses the characteristics of the speech translation task in a context where it is essential to achieve easy customization to new languages and new domains. We then discuss the issues that arise in any attempt to evaluate a speech translator, and(More)
This paper describes the cooperation of four European Universities aiming at attracting more students to European master studies in Language and Communication Technologies. The cooperation has been formally approved within the framework of the new European program " Erasmus Mundus " as a Specific Support Action in 2004. The consortium also aims at creating(More)
ii Introduction This is the second workshop on effective tools and methodologies for teaching NLP and Computational Linguistics. Recurring themes are the interdisciplinarity of the subject and the unexpected mismatches between student background and what the instructor initially assumed. Some papers talk about particular tools and assignments: are spelling(More)
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