Sabine Kareth

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Micro composites are commonly characterized in bulk. Here we study the temperature triggered release of a bioactive compound from single isolated microcapsules. We monitor the release process in real-time using a novel thermal microscopy method combining laser-induced heating and fluorescence imaging.
Knowledge about the thermal conductivity is expedient whenever heat transport is involved in a process. As pressure plays an important role in a multitude of treatments or reactions, conductivity measurements have also been carried out under pressure for various substances (e. g. lubricants, plant oils and several foods). Experimental data are needed as(More)
Alumina deposition on platinum grading electrodes in high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission modules is an unsolved problem that has been around for more than three decades. This is due to the unavoidable corrosion of aluminum heat sinks that causes severe damage to electrical power plants and losses in the range of a million Euro range per day in(More)
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