Sabine Kampmann

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Application of the two-dimensional laser Rayleigh technique to the investigation of a large-scale industrial combustor is reported for the first time to our knowledge. Two-dimensional laser Rayleigh scattering was used to perform quantitative measurements of the temperature fields in different downstream positions of a 150-kW industrial, premixed, turbulent(More)
The simultaneous application of vibrational coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) and the two-dimensional (2D) UV laser Rayleigh technique is reported for the investigation of a highly turbulent swirl frame inside a contained technical combustor. The CARS technique has been used to determine accurate temperature values at one point within the 2D(More)
BACKGROUND Elderly persons often have eye diseases causing either reversible or irreversible visual loss. The prevalence of such problems among retirement home residents is unknown. METHODS 203 residents of retirement homes in and around Würzburg, Germany, were examined. Clinical histories were taken, including information on prior ophthalmological care,(More)
BACKGROUND Recent record rainfall in much of semi-arid Central Australia is the most likely reason for a feral horse population increase in excess of normal. Uncontrolled numbers of feral horses have habitat degradation and animal welfare implications. OBJECTIVES The aims of this study were to investigate the social structure of feral horses and assess(More)
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