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The term autoimmune thyroiditis encompasses multiple inflammatory conditions of the thyroid gland, each with variable clinical manifestations. The more acute forms, silent (painless) thyroiditis and postpartum thyroiditis, are associated with transient hyperthyroidism and are sometimes mistaken for Graves disease. The chronic form, Hashimoto thyroiditis(More)
PURPOSE To prospectively evaluate the tumor vascularity assessed by perfusion CT for prediction of chemo-radiation treatment (CRT) response in locally advanced rectal cancer (LARC). METHODS Eighteen consecutive patients (61.9±8.8 years, from March-June 2015) diagnosed with LARC who underwent 6-8 weeks CRT followed by surgery were included. The(More)
PURPOSE To develop an imaging angle optimization methodology for orthogonal 2D cine MRI based radiotherapy guidance using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) of target motion retrieved from 4DCT. METHODS We retrospectively analyzed 4DCT of 6 patients with lung tumor. A radiation oncologist manually contoured the target volume at the maximal inhalation(More)
PURPOSE To develop a fluoroscopy imaging based approach that can determine the magnitude and phase variation in respiratory motion against the treatment planning images in order to quantify the online patient setup deviation in thoracic cancer IGRT for the real time adaptive patient positionadjustment. METHODS A numerical phantom was generated to test the(More)
PURPOSE To compare three different pharmacokinetic models for analysis of dynamic-contrast-enhanced (DCE)-CT data with respect to different acquisition times and location of region of interest. METHODS Eight rectal cancer patients with pre-treatment DCE-CTs were included. The dynamic sequence started 4-10seconds(s) after the injection of contrast agent.(More)
The notion of wrapping a web server into XML documents is driven from the need for structured data that can be used by a variety of applications. The web contains vast amounts of information that is useless to most applications since it is mainly targeting a human audience. A solution to this would be to automate the browsing process and then convert the(More)
PURPOSE Chemo-radiation therapy (CRT) is widely used in treating patients with locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Determination of the likelihood of patient response to treatment and optimization of treatment regime is of clinical significance. Up to date, no imaging biomarker has reliably correlated to NSCLC patient survival rate. This(More)
The apexcardiogram (ACG) and cardiokymogram (CKG) (displacement cardiogram) tracings were compared in 45 patients with a variety of cardiac diseases and in 16 normal subjects. The ACG and CKG were generally comparable in waveform and timing of standard tracing intervals; however, on a case by case comparison frequent discrepancies between the ACG and CKG(More)
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