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Saturated very long chain fatty acids (VLCFAs; > or =C22:0) accumulate in X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy (X-ALD, OMIM 300100), a severe hereditary neurodegenerative disease, due to peroxisomal impairment. Previous studies analysed the development of X-ALD in humans and gene knockout animal models. However, the toxic effect of VLCFA leading to severe symptoms(More)
in accordance with the requirements for the degree Dr. rer. nat. M ˙ x(t)= N x(t)+ B u(t); y(t)= C x(t) ˆ M ˙ ˆ x(t) = ˆ N ˆ x(t)+ ˆ B u(t); y(t)= ˆ C ˆ x(t) ii iii to S ¸enay iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Financial Support. Large parts of this research have been refined in the projects Parallele numerische Lösung von Optimalsteuerungsproblemen f ¨ ur instationäre(More)
We consider the solution of nonlinear optimal control problems subject to stochastic perturbations with incomplete observations. In particular , we generalize results obtained by Ito and Kunisch in [8] where they consider a receding horizon control (RHC) technique based on linearizing the problem on small intervals. The linear-quadratic optimal control(More)
We provide a theoretical framework for model predictive control of infinite-dimensional systems, like, e.g., nonlinear parabolic PDEs, including stochastic disturbances of the input signal, the output measurements, as well as initial states. The necessary theory for implementing the MPC step based on an LQG design for infinite-dimensional linear(More)
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