Sabine Gründer

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A total of 500 combs of adult chickens from two different locations in Germany (Hessen and Schleswig-Holstein) were clinically and mycologically examined. The chickens came from three battery cages (n = 79), one voliere system (n=32), six flocks maintained on deep litter (n = 69) and 12 flocks kept on free outdoor range (n=320). Twenty-two of the 500(More)
In this paper we give an overview of our work on a new research project, which brings together ancient texts and modern methods from the field of text mining. The project is structured so that is comprises data, algorithms, and applications. In this paper we first give a short introduction of the current state of the art. After that we describe what eAQUA(More)
The paper offers a new type of approach to the semantic phenomenon of adverbial aspect shift within the framework of finitestate temporal semantics. The heart of the proposal is a supervaluational concept of underspecification, and the idea of treating the meanings of temporal prepositions as dynamic presuppositions. The simple shifting algorithm used in(More)
Aspectual shifts in connection with temporal adverbial modification usually are treated by close analogy with type-coercion in programming languages. The paper shows that by taking a good metaphor too literally, semantic research so far did not do full justice to the kind of flexibility observable in the natural language examples. A new proposal is(More)
Das erste Kapitel der Arbeit widmet sich konkret dem Problem der aspektuellen Verschiebung. Diese semantische Flexibilität temporaler Adverbiale verdankt sich dem hier entwickelten Ansatz nach deren Fähigkeit, in Abhängigkeit vom Kontext Sinn gezielt zu unterspezifizieren. Die formalen Lösung besteht in der Idee, temporale Präpositionen zu behandeln als(More)
The referents of temporally determined sentences are usually talked of as situations (Vendler (1976)). The standard language internal testing procedure for telling apart telic accomplishments and achievements (??) from atelic states and activities (??) uses grammaticality effects in connection with temporal adverbial modification. (1) arrive *for an hour /(More)
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