Sabine Fricke

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Mechanical activation has become a phenomenon of general significance in pharmaceutics. This report describes the extent of activation induced by relevant processes. With the use of the Eyring equation the transformation of structurally stored energy into chemical energy and the implied free enthalpy as well as the excess free enthalpy (activity) were(More)
Using polyethylene-ointments the influence of different stirring rates upon the course of melt-congealing and upon the forming of rheological properties was investigated. Shearing disturbs the process of ordering in the solid phase and causes a higher strength of the ointment. During storage the viscosity increases in the nonsheared ointments and it(More)
We present resistively detected NMR measurements in induced and modulation-doped electron quantum point contacts, as well as induced hole quantum point contacts. While the magnitude of the resistance change and associated NMR peaks in n-type devices is in line with other recent measurements using this technique, the effect in p-type devices is too small to(More)