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A u t h o r s Sabine Einwiller (sabine.einwiller@unisg.ch) is a project manager and lecturer for corporate communication at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, at the Institute for Media and Communications Management. Her research focuses on trust in corporations, reputation management and measurement and on corporate branding. A b s t r a c t(More)
– With the rapid development of Information and Communication Technology companies face several problems today. The increasing speed of product development leads to the problem that products and services need to be communicated and explained to potential customers. Shareholders and investors should gain a certain insight into the company's activities also(More)
In the spirit of the conference theme, the Chair's Panel will address ways to approach collabora-tive research projects of global importance. The panel draws together a group of international scholars who have been successful in proposing , funding, collaborating, and concluding international research projects. Members of the Taskforce on Cross-National(More)
This chapter investigates companies' disclosure alignment and transparency signaling within the 2011 CSR annual reports of 36 U.S. firms in the Global Forbes 2000. DICTION 6.0 was used for the text analysis. The study found that CSR reports are fairly similar to corporate financial annual reports but can be classified more accurately as a hybrid discourse(More)
The article aims to clarify the meaning of the concepts 'reputation' and 'brand' where reputation represents the collective perception and second hand information of an actor, for example a firm, whereas the most important part of a brand, the brand image, resides in the minds of the individual. Based on these conceptual differences, the collective nature(More)
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