Sabine Einwiller

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Consumers’ enhanced risk perception is an important challenge to be met in electronic commerce. The research presented here casts new light on the concept of trust, which is a vital mechanism when it comes to reduce perceived risk. Trust is conceptualized as a multi-dimensional concept comprised of a person’s trusting attitudes toward the vendor, the system(More)
With the rapid development of Information and Communication Technology companies face several problems today. The increasing speed of product development leads to the problem that products and services need to be communicated and explained to potential customers. Shareholders and investors should gain a certain insight into the company’s activities also the(More)
The article aims to clarify the meaning of the concepts ‘reputation’ and ‘brand’ where reputation represents the collective perception and second hand information of an actor, for example a firm, whereas the most important part of a brand, the brand image, resides in the minds of the individual. Based on these conceptual differences, the collective nature(More)
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