Sabine C. Koch

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There is a growing body of research indicating that bodily sensation and behavior strongly influences one's emotional reaction toward certain situations or objects. On this background, a framework model of embodied affectivity is suggested: we regard emotions as resulting from the circular interaction between affective qualities or affordances in the(More)
From the 1970s on, case studies reported the effectiveness of therapeutic mirroring in movement with children with autism spectrum disorder. In this feasibility study, we tested a dance movement therapy intervention based on mirroring in movement in a population of 31 young adults with autism spectrum disorder (mainly high-functioning and Asperger's(More)
Research has shown that the United States lags many other countries in the adoption of electronic health records (EHRs). The U.S. has now embarked on a major effort to achieve "meaningful use" of health information technology by clinicians and hospitals. This issue brief describes the extent of meaningful use in three countries with very high levels of(More)
Is the negative stereotype of women with regard to computer competence still exerting power in our society? In this study, 206 participants observed a target person (either a woman or a man) on a video who was about to solve a complex computer task. Participants had to estimate whether the target person was successful on this task in a limited amount of(More)
This study investigated the specific effects of a dance intervention on the decrease of depression and the increase of vitality and positive affect in 31 psychiatric patients with main or additional diagnosis of depression. Patients participated in one of three conditions: a dance group performing a traditional upbeat circle dance, a group that listened(More)
1 The studies carried out belong to a psycholinguist project at the University of Heidelberg as part of a larger interdisciplinary national project (DFG) about the societal change of women‘s role in the workplace. Abstract: In two projects at the University of Heidelberg we tested the video analysis software THEME (MAGNUSSON, 1997) in order to identify(More)
This study investigated whether stereotype threat can influence women’s attributions of failure in a computer task. Male and female college-age students (n = 86, 16–21 years old) from Germany were asked to work on a computer task and were hinted beforehand that in this task, either (a) men usually perform better than women do (negative threat condition), or(More)
BACKGROUND Neurological abnormalities including a variety of subtle deficits such as discrete impairments in sensory integration, motor coordination (MOCO), and sequencing of complex motor acts are frequently found in patients with schizophrenia (SZ) and commonly referred to as neurological soft signs (NSS). Asperger-syndrome (AS) is characterized by(More)
Among the most common factors causing injury in long distance runners are training errors. Even the most elite runner may lose valuable workout time when training terrain, equipment, or the progression of workouts, is not appropriate. Through this article we hope to help athletic trainers identify specific errors in athletes' training and their related(More)