Sabine Bergelt

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Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) have been developed over the past years as promising anticancer therapeutics. The conjugation of tumor specific mAbs with cytotoxic molecules has been shown to improve their efficacy dramatically. These bifunctional immunotoxins, consisting of covalently linked antibodies and protein toxins, possess considerable potential in(More)
In response to advances in proteomics research and the use of proteins in medical and biotechnological applications, recombinant protein production and the design of specific protein characteristics and functions has become a widely used technology. In this context, protein fusion tags have been developed as indispensable tools for protein expression,(More)
We report on a 34-year-old man who was admitted to our hospital with melena and hematemesis. Endoscopy showed a giant pedunculated polyp of the duodenum as the source of bleeding. The 10 cm long tumor was resected transduodenally by open surgery and the histological examination revealed it to be a hamartoma. This case demonstrates a very rare benign tumor(More)
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