Sabine Bauer

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Unresolved replication intermediates can block the progression of replication forks and become converted into DNA lesions, hence exacerbating genomic instability. The p53-binding protein 1 (53BP1) forms nuclear bodies at sites of unrepaired DNA lesions to shield these regions against erosion, in a manner dependent on the DNA damage kinase ATM. The molecular(More)
— Extensive mechanical loads on the lumbar spine often lead to degenerative damages of spinal structures. In many cases surgical interventions, such as spinal fusion, are unavoidable. An appropriate method for the estimation of the mechanical effects of such interventions to adjacent vertebral segments is the mathematical computer simulation. This paper(More)
We present new results on a constraint satisfaction problem arising from the inference of resource types. Linear constraints were introduced by Hofmann and Jost in the context of type-based amor-tized resource analysis by the potential method [5] where it was applied to functional programs. The constraint systems appearing in this system and subsequent ones(More)
Introduction. Several studies demonstrated that anti-inflammatory remedies exhibit excellent anti-neoplastic properties. An extract of Pluchea odorata (Asteraceae), which is used for wound healing and against inflammatory conditions, was fractionated and properties correlating to anti-neoplastic and wound healing effects were separated. Methods. Up to six(More)
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