Sabine Barfüßer

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A number of forensic studies published during the last 50 years report that intoxication with alcohol influences speech in a way that is made manifest in certain features of the speech signal. However, most of these studies are based on data that are not publicly available nor of statistically sufficient size. Furthermore, in spite of the positive reports(More)
Introduction and goals The aim of this study is to clarify whether there is a significant difference in the number of disflu-encies produced in speech under the influence of alcohol vs. sober speech, and thus can be used as an indicator for intoxication. More specifically we investigated nine linguistic and para-linguistic events which can be summarized(More)
The Alcohol Language Corpus (ALC) contains German spoken language recorded from a large number of female and male speakers being sober and intoxicated. It was produced by the Bavarian Archive of Speech Signals (BAS) in the years 2007­2010 and is publicly available for research and educational purposes (see Although a(More)
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