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While amphipols have been proven useful for refolding of seven transmembrane helical (7-TM) proteins including G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) and it could be shown that an amphipol environment is in principle suitable for NMR structural studies of the embedded protein, high-resolution NMR insights into amphipol refolded and isotopically labeled GPCRs(More)
Resistance to infection may be influenced by foreign bodies such as devices for fracture fixation. It is known that stainless steel and commercially-pure titanium have different biocompatibilities. We have investigated susceptibility to infection after a local bacterial challenge using standard 2.0 dynamic compression plates of either stainless steel or(More)
Precepts Apart from climate change and the associated sea level change, there is a multitude of other environmental threats: acid rain, the hole in the Antarctic ozone layer, population pressure, desertification, widespread erosion, the pollution of the atmosphere and the sea, etc. Several of these other factors are also affecting the dune landscape. And(More)
  • John D. Horel, Francis W. Reichelderfer, +18 authors R. Martin
  • 2016
RESEARCH ACTIVITIES My research is centered on the observation and analysis of weather and climate processes in mountainous regions. My current research activities include further development of MesoWest (see http://mesowest.utah.edu), which provides access to surface weather observations for operational, research, and educational applications. MesoWest(More)
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