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From Pharmacognosia to DNA-Based Medicinal Plant Authentication - Pharmacognosy through the Centuries.
In this research, pharmacognostic skills remain an essential element, both with regards to identity, quality assurance of botanicals (both herbal medicines and supplements), and the discovery and development of new medicines. Expand
Forming, transfer and globalization of medical-pharmaceutical knowledge in South East Asian missions (17th to 18th c.) - historical dimensions and modern perspectives.
The article will explain the different intentions and methods of exploring, the resulting works and the consequences for the forming of the pharmaceutical and scientific knowledge, and show the options which the works of the missionaries can offer for the saving of traditional ethnopharmacological knowledge and the development of modern phytotherapeutics and pharmaceutical supply. Expand
Theriac: a European panacea in Japan.
Aromatic vinegars: antiseptics of the past.
Mission, pharmacy and international drug transfer in colonial times
While many orders, first the Franciscans d Dominicans, were engaged in the spread of the gospel it doubtlessly was the Society of Jesus who dominated the Christian mission from the late 16 th century until their expulsion of the colonies in 1759 and 1767. Expand
[In process.]
The activities in the context of the missionary pharmacy initiated a global transfer of drugs and the referring pharmaceutical knowledge, which was institutionalized by the pharmacies of the Jesuits and essentially influenced theDevelopment of the Materiae medicae and the development of modern pharmacy all around the globe. Expand
Historical Plant Traditions: A Chance for the Development of Modern Phytotherapeutics - Tarihte Bitkilerle Tedavi Geleneği: Modern Fitoterapötiklerin Gelişimi için Bir Firsat
For centuries, medicinal plants were the most important remedies and represented the largest part of the materia medica. With the development of synthetic substances for medical therapy from the 19thExpand
["Qui bene purgat, bene curat!" From ancient purgatives to modern laxatives].
Die Abfuhrmittel haben in der Menschheitsgeschichte eine uralte Tradition, und bei der fachkundigen, personlichen Beratung and Abgabe auch dieser Arzneimittelgruppe eine unersetzliche Instanz geblieben. Expand