Sabina Shachar

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The incidence of all diagnosed cases of familial dysautonomia in Israel among Ashkenazi Jews from 1977-1981 was 27/100,000 or 1/3703. This incidence is higher than that previously reported in Israel in 1967 or 8.3/100,000 (1/12,048) (Moses et al. 1967). It is also higher than that of North American Ashkenazi Jews in 1970, when the rate was 5-10/100,000(More)
AIMS To evaluate for the first time in children the effect of soy-derived isoflavones on lipid profile and insulin resistance. METHODS Twelve hypercholesterolemic children (8 females) aged 5.3 to 11.2 years have completed a prospective, controlled pilot study. After a low-fat diet for 12 weeks, children who maintained high cholesterol and low-density(More)
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