Sabina Santesson

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Laser techniques were applied to an acoustically levitated droplet for remote investigation of the diameter, species concentration and temperature of the suspended droplet. To this end, the third and the fourth harmonic of a Nd:YAG laser were used for investigation of elastic, fluorescence and phosphorescence signals from the droplet. The droplet was seeded(More)
This review with 60 references describes a unique path to miniaturisation, that is, the use of acoustic levitation in analytical and bioanalytical chemistry applications. Levitation of small volumes of sample by means of a levitation technique can be used as a way to avoid solid walls around the sample, thus circumventing the main problem of(More)
In this paper, the use of airborne chemistry (acoustically levitated drops) in combination with Raman spectroscopy is explored. We report herein the first Raman studies of crystallization processes in levitated drops and the first demonstration of surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) detection in this medium. Crystallization studies on the model(More)
The growth of suitable protein crystals is an essential step in the structure determination of a protein by X-ray crystallography. At present, crystals are mostly grown using trial-and-error procedures, and protocols that rapidly screen for the crystal nucleation step are rare. Presented here is an approach to minimize the consumption of precious protein(More)
A miniaturized analysis system for the study of living cells and biochemical reactions in microdroplets was developed. The technique utilizes an in-house-developed piezoelectric flow-through droplet dispenser for precise reagent supply and an ultrasonic levitator for contactless sample handling. A few-cell study was performed with living primary adipocytes.(More)
Dysfunctional adipocytes and insulin-producing pancreatic beta-cells are hallmarks of human Type 2 diabetes and play important roles in the onset and progression of the disease. However, the precise mechanisms involved are complex and only partially understood. Here we present a new and unique method to perform single-cell and cell-cell communication(More)
Miniaturized (<1 microL) biospecific affinity two-phase partitioning in an acoustically levitated drop is described. Miniaturization commonly gives unfavorable surface/volume ratios, but in the levitation approach adsorption problems are minimized since the only surrounding wall is the liquid/air interface of the drop. Biotinylated liposomes were(More)
Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) rather than the 1997 ASN.1 syntax used in the most recent ISO/IEC/ITU-T standards. Section 6 includes certification path validation procedures. These procedures are based upon the ISO/IEC/ITU-T definition. Implementations are REQUIRED to derive the same results but are not required to use the specified procedures. Procedures for(More)
The determination of an absolute enzyme concentration in a physiological sample is principally straightforward; the main problem is the need for a puriRed sample to use as a standard. Enzymes are proteins found in nature in complex mixtures, usually in cells which perhaps contain several hundreds of different enzymes. In order to understand and interpret(More)
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