Sabina Lee Shaikh

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Land-use change and forestry projects are considered a low-cost option for addressing climate change mitigation. In Canada, afforestation is targeted to sequester enough carbon to meet one-fth of its international obligations , and at lower cost than emissions reduction. We examine economic aspects of the institutions and incentives needed to encourage(More)
This research examines the effects of various factors on farmer participation in agricultural tree plantations for economic, environmental, social, and carbon-uptake purposes, and potential costs of sequestering carbon through afforestation in western Canada. Using data from a survey of landowners, a discrete choice random utility model is used to determine(More)
The use of molecular tools, principally qPCR, versus traditional culture-based methods for quantifying microbial parameters (e.g., Fecal Indicator Organisms) in bathing waters generates considerable ongoing debate at the science-policy interface. Advances in science have allowed the development and application of molecular biological methods for rapid (~2(More)
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