Sabina Grover

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Over the last decade, homogeneous multi-core processors emerged and became the de-facto approach for offering high parallelism, high performance and scalability for a wide range of platforms. We are now at an interesting juncture where several critical factors (smaller form factor devices, power challenges, need for specialization, etc) are guiding(More)
There has been a significant increase in the Internet dynamics in the past decade. This has put tremendous pressure on the performance of routing protocols as they need to keep updating their routing information with every network change across the globe. With the growth of Internet, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) has become a critical routing application.(More)
RAMACHANDRAN, SHANKAR. Stack Space Analysis for ARM Executables. (Under the direction of Dr. Alexander Dean). Bounding maximum stack depth for embedded system applications is essential in order to avoid conditions such as stack overflow. Stack usage information is useful for allocating the stack into a memory hierarchy. Prior work in stack space analysis(More)
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