Sabina Eriksson

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The alpha-chain of human fibrinogen was found to be phosphorylated in EDTA-anticoagulated whole blood when trace amounts of (gamma-32P)ATP and 7.5 mM Mg2+ ions were added. Fibrinogen was not phosphorylated if only the ATP was added. The thrombin-induced gelation of fibrinogen phosphorylated by protein kinase A, casein kinase I or II was studied(More)
Rat liver endothelial cells cultivated in the absence of serum and activated with thrombin released up to 10% of the total protein kinase activity into the cell medium using casein or fibrinogen as the phosphate acceptor protein. The activity was partly inhibited by heparin, indicating that it was of the casein kinase II type. The release of kinase started(More)
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