Sabina Amparo Caula

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AIM The first results from the French National Prader-Willi pediatric database in a cohort of 142 children aged 0.2-18.8 years are reported. This database gathers information about the endocrine dysfunctions traditionally described in Prader-Willi patients. METHODS Questionnaires were filled in by the patients' practitioners. The coordination team of the(More)
We evaluated the richness, composition and abundance of bird communities in three urban forests of Mediterranean France during winter and spring. The urban forests differed in size, composition, structure, age of vegetation, and location relative to the city centre. Estimated species richness across all three urban forest parks was 45 species. Twenty six(More)
Mediterranean landscapes resulted from complex land uses that produced a mosaic of extensive crops, grasslands, scrublands and scattered woodlands. During the twentieth century the decrease in traditional agriculture triggered a decrease in open habitats and an increase in forests. In the meantime urban centres grew dramatically. Both spread of forest and(More)
Several studies have shown that urbanization usually leads to severe biotic homogenizing, i.e. the local extirpation of many native species and the expansion to regional scales of a small group of “urban-adaptors”, some of them exotics. Margarita Island (Venezuela) is a tropical Caribbean island that has undergone an accelerated urban development in the(More)
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