Sabin Buehrer

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BACKGROUND The aim of this study is to evaluate the safety and sufficiency of a fixed dose rate propofol infusion for repeated prolonged deep sedation in children for proton radiation therapy (PRT). METHODS With ERB approval, we recorded anaesthesia monitoring data in children undergoing repeated prolonged propofol sedation for PRT. Sedation was(More)
AIM A rating scale for thirst and hunger was evaluated as a noninvasive, simple and commonly available tool to estimate preanesthetic gastric volume, a surrogate parameter for the risk of perioperative pulmonary aspiration, in healthy volunteer school age children. METHOD Numeric scales with scores from 0 to 10 combined with smileys to rate thirst and(More)
BACKGROUND Vacuum-assisted bite-block immobilization of the head is a reliable technique for reproducible precise head positioning as used for proton radiation in adults. We report preliminary experience using deep propofol sedation without an artificial airway in children undergoing proton radiation of cranial tumors requiring vacuum-assisted bite-block(More)
BACKGROUND Hospitalization, surgery and anaesthesia may lead to new-onset maladaptive behaviour, emotional distress and trauma. This pilot study aims to investigate the influence of intraoperatively applied music on post-operative behaviour in children and adolescents. METHODS Children with an ASA physical state classification of I or II, aged from 4 to(More)
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