Sabeur Abid

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In this letter, a new approach for the learning process of multilayer feedforward neural network is introduced. This approach minimizes a modified form of the criterion used in the standard backpropagation algorithm. This criterion is based on the sum of the linear and the nonlinear quadratic errors of the output neuron. The quadratic linear error signal is(More)
In this paper, the Davidon Fletcher Powell (DFP) algorithm for nonlinear least squares is proposed to train multilayer perceptron (MLP). Applied on both a single output layer perceptron and MLP, we find that this algorithm is faster than the Marquardt-Levenberg (ML) algorithm known as the fastest algorithm used to train MLP until now. The number of(More)
In industrial field, the automated visual inspection systems is applied effectively to identify the defects in various digital images. In this research work we have proposed a new defect detection algorithm based on local homogeneity and discrete cosine transform (DCT) to eliminate the texture elements in the digital image by isolating the defected area.(More)
This article proposes a new modified anisotropic diffusion scheme for automatic defect detection in radiographic films. The new diffusion method allows to enhance, to sharpen anomalies, and to smooth the background of the image. This new technique is based on the modification of the classical diffusion rule by using a nonlinear sigmoidal function.(More)
In this paper, we present an efficient procedure to determine the optimal hidden unit number of a feed-forward multi-layer Neural Network (NN) using the singular value decomposition (SVD) taking into account the function to be approximated by the NN and the initial values of the updating weights. The SVD is used to identify and eliminate redundant hidden(More)