Saber Mefoued

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In this paper, we present a robust controller of a new knee joint orthosis. This orthosis is intended to help or to restore lower limb movements of people with reduced mobility. Dynamic modeling and parametric identification of the knee joint-orthosis system are presented. Due its robustness, a High Order Sliding Mode Controller (HOSMC) is used to control(More)
In this paper, we present an actuated orthosis aimed to assist the subject's knee joint movements through wearer's intention. The shank-foot orthosis system is considered as a black box and is controlled using a Multi-Layers Perceptron Neural Network (MLPNN) controller. This controller avoids the modeling of the “wearer lower limb-orthosis”(More)
This paper presents a robust adaptive control of an actuated orthosis intended to assist the lower limb movements of dependent persons. The proposed controller, based on a MultiLayer Perception Neural Network (MLPNN) and considered as a black-box, does not require the dynamic model of lower limbs/orthosis. A neural identification is used to extract the(More)
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