Saber Hamdani

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The involvement of polyamines in plant responses to abiotic stresses is well investigated, while there has been few reports on the specific mode of action of polyamines on the photosynthetic apparatus. The objective of this review is thus to examine the mode of interaction of polyamines with proteins of photosystem II core and LHCII, including methylamine(More)
The effects of the positive charges of amines such as spermine (SPM), putrescine (PUT) and methylamine (MET) on the protection of PSII against excessive illumination were investigated in isolated thylakoid membranes. Under photoinhibition conditions, water oxidation, the kinetics of the Chl fluorescence rise and charge recombination in PSII were affected. A(More)
The inhibitory effect of Al3+on photosystem II (PSII) electron transport was investigated using several biophysical and biochemical techniques such as oxygen evolution, chlorophyll fluorescence induction and emission, SDS-polyacrylamide and native green gel electrophoresis, and FTIR spectroscopy. In order to understand the mechanism of its inhibitory(More)
The difference between the photosynthetic properties of elite and landrace Chinese rice cultivars was studied, using chlorophyll a fluorescence induction (mostly a monitor of Photosystem II activity) and I820 transmission signal (mostly a monitor of Photosystem I activity) to identify potential photosynthetic features differentiating these two groups, which(More)
The interaction of methylamine with chloroplasts' photosystem II (PSII) was studied in isolated thylakoid membranes. Low concentration of methylamine (mM range) was shown to affect water oxidation and the advancement of the S-states. Modified kinetics of chlorophyll fluorescence rise and thermoluminescence in the presence of methylamine indicated that the(More)
Biogenic polyamines are essential for cell growth and differentiation. The interaction of polyamines with protein of photosystem II (PSII) are well investigated, while there has been no report on the effect of monoamines complexation on photosynthetic oxygen evolution. This study was designed to investigate the interaction of methylamine with proteins of(More)
The inhibitory effect of Al(3+) on photosynthetic electron transport was investigated in isolated thylakoid membranes of spinach. A combination of oxygen evolution, chlorophyll fluorescence induction (FI) and decay and thermoluminescence measurements have been used to characterize photosystem II (PSII) electron transport in the presence of this toxic metal(More)
We describe a model evaluating changes in the optical isolation of a Faraday isolator when passing from air to vacuum in terms of different thermal effects in the crystal. The changes are particularly significant in the crystal thermal lensing (refraction index and thermal expansion) and in its Verdet constant and can be ascribed to the less efficient(More)
Mining natural variations is a major approach to identify new options to improve crop light use efficiency. So far, successes in identifying photosynthetic parameters positively related to crop biomass accumulation through this approach are scarce, possibly due to the earlier emphasis on properties related to leaf instead of canopy photosynthetic(More)
We report 320 to 1020nm disk-averaged Earth reflectance spectra obtained from Moon’s Earthshine observations with the EMMI spectrograph on the NTT at ESO La Silla (Chile). The spectral signatures of Earth atmosphere and ground vegetation are observed. A vegetation red-edge of up to 9% is observed on Europe and Africa and ≈ 2% upon Pacific Ocean. The spectra(More)