Sabeeta Kapoor

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Pectic Polysaccharide (PP) from dietary sources has been known to prevent cancer growth and hence impede cancer progression. We evaluated anticancer effect of Pectic-Oligosaccharide isolated from Sour Raw Tomato (SrTPO); its bioavailability and structure elucidated from purified fraction (SrTPO1). SrTPO1 inhibited galectin-3 activity with MIC of 0.25 ug/mL(More)
BACKGROUND Antioxidant, cyto/DNA protective potentials are known to offer significant protection against free radical induced injury to cells or tissues and cellular damages that are envisaged in various diseases including chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, etc, while galectin-3 inhibitory potentials are known to block or delay the process of(More)
Corn pectic polysaccharide (COPP) inhibited galectin-3 mediated hemagglutination at Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) of 4.08 μg/mL as opposed to citrus pectin (25 μg/mL), a well known galectin-3 inhibitor and lactose (4.16 μg/mL)--sugar specific to galectin-3. COPP effectively (72%) inhibited invasion and metastasis in experimental animals. In vivo(More)
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