Sabbir Alam

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The gradual introduction of advanced ATM procedures such as Continuous Descent Approaches (CDA) creates a challenge when balancing the capacity-demand of arrival traffic in the presence of constrained ground (runway, taxiway, gate) resources. Part of the challenge is to understand the interdependency between spatial-temporal distribution of arrival traffic(More)
Continuous Descent Approaches (CDAs) can significantly reduce fuel burn and noise impact by keeping arriving aircraft at their cruise altitude for longer than during conventional approaches(to descend as late as possible)and then having them make a continuous descent to the runway at near idle thrust with no level flight segments. The CDA procedures are(More)
This paper presents the numerical simulations of dual band two elements Inverted-L antenna for 3.5 GHz mobile WiMAX and 5 GHz Wi-Fi operation. The proposed antenna is feed by a coaxial connector. The antenna arms effectively control the excited resonant modes for Wi-Fi and mobile WiMAX operation. Total area occupies by the antenna is 20 mm × 30 mm. The(More)
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