Sabarish Ayyappan

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Lung cancer presentation and decision-making in the very elderly patient population, 80 years of age and older, was studied given the projected increase in cancer incidence in the very elderly and yet only limited management guidelines. DESIGN AND SETTING A 10-year experience at the Unity Health System of Rochester, NY, was(More)
This study was conducted to assess the temporal changes in the status of food security in India. The food security was assessed in terms of its basic pillars—availability access and absorption. Findings reveal that though there has been a remarkable improvement in the status of food security in India, the presence of food insecurity on a large scale erodes(More)
A primary need in conserving species and their habitats is defining distinct genetic entities that range from individuals to species to ecosystems and beyond. The development of molecular genetic markers revolutionized the field of fish genetics. Using DNA markers, genetic variation in the entire genome can be analysed and exploited. Here, we outline the(More)
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