Sabarinah Sh Ahmad

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CONTEXT A key element of medical education is patients' willingness to and cooperation in involving a medical student in their care. OBJECTIVE To assess patients' attitudes and their associated factors toward involving medical students in their care. METHODS This study was conducted over a period of two months in two hospitals in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.(More)
Thermal condition is a decisive factor which impacts the use of outdoor spaces. Concerns on outdoor thermal conditions are on the rise judging by the growing number of research on the subject. However empirical research in the context of urban outdoor in moderate and dry climate is still limited. Predicting thermal comfort of outdoor spaces in a particular(More)
Autism is a permanent disorder that cause quality of life disturbance. As matter of research, there are no single interventions that can cure the heterogeneous syndrome. Since there is no cure for autism children, perhaps using humanoid can help the autism children in order to have appropriate therapy and treatment programs especially to the young children(More)
Autism spectrum disorder is a life-long development disorder distinguish by impairment related to central nervous system maturation with features include delay in social life development, problem in language, social skills and repetitive behavior. Autism is a global crisis due to prevalence rates higher in several countries and the need for treatment view(More)
The reality bites for ‘green energy’ when the economic assessment shows it as not a viable investment. Economic assessment for projects normally uses Return on Investment (ROI), Payback Period (PBP), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life Cycle Cost (LCC) and Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA). Several studies have argued against these tools; but they are common due to(More)
Autism is a behavioural illness categorized based on poor communication skills, lack of social interaction and weird way of playing. As a caregiver and a worker at the same time, 78 per cent of employees sometimes had to take short time off or leave early from work, come to work late, and being absence for a long period of time. Since children with autism(More)
This paper depicts the prominence of cultural on the adoption of assistive technology, in terms of design, which are particularly anticipated for autism treatment. The researchers believe that cultural aspect should be considered in designing assistive technology in treating autistic individual. It is necessary to assess cultural differences critically so(More)
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