Sabah U. Randhawa

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Nursing salaries make up the largest single element in hospital costs. Thus, effective scheduling of nursing personnel is important in controlling health-care costs. Scheduling nurses in hospitals is a complex problem due to variability in demand and a variety of conflicting interests and objectives. This article reviews the models that have been developed(More)
The application of a microcomputer-based simulation model for analyzing the operation of a parking system is described as well as the model’s results and sensitivity in coping with various uncertainties posed by the project’s decision makers. Additional sensitivities were investigated based on an extrapolation of the natural growth of traffic flows and(More)
Integration of optimization and simulation modeling ean be used to aid industrial decision making. A decision aid for coordinating fishing (trawler operations on the sea) and fish processing at on-shore plants is described. The system combines a simulation model with a linear programming (LP) optimization model. The simulation model analyzes trawler(More)
The paper describes a simulation environment that involves both modeling and analysis capabilities. The system provides powerful model development capabilities that would allow the user to develop and modify representations of timber harvesting system. The user would specify the characteristics of the environment to be modeled, and the system, in(More)
This paper summarizes a two-phase project that reviewed the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's out-of-service criteria for vehicles. The first phase examined relevant background information and conducted a questionnaire survey of CVSA inspectors and industry representatives. The second phase of the project involved extensive collection and evaluation of(More)
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