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Rising Incidence of Type 1 Diabetes Is Associated With Altered Immunophenotype at Diagnosis
The incidence of type 1 diabetes has increased rapidly over recent decades, particularly in young children. We aimed to determine whether this rise was associated with changes in patterns of humoralExpand
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‘Insulin autoantibody affinity measurement using a single concentration of unlabelled insulin competitor discriminates risk in relatives of patients with type 1 diabetes
Development of high‐risk combinations of multiple islet autoantibodies and type 1 diabetes is associated with high‐affinity insulin autoantibodies (IAA), but IAA affinity measurements require largeExpand
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Anti-BSA antibodies are a major cause of non-specific binding in insulin autoantibody radiobinding assays.
Insulin autoantibodies (IAA) are usually the first risk-markers detected during the type 1 diabetes prodrome, but precise measurement is difficult as insulin binding is often low. Non-specificExpand
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New approaches in harnessing wave energy: with special attention to small islands
The application of renewable energies has increased rapidly in the previous decade to solve some problems such as growing energy demand and environmental issues. Wave power as a high potentialExpand
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Sampling strategies for the detection of grapevine fanleaf virus and the grapevine strain of tomato ringspot virus
This study was conducted to determine the influence of season, host genotype virus isolate and sample tissue on ELISA detection of the two nepoviruses. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)Expand
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The role of autoantibodies to zinc transporter 8 in prediction of type 1 diabetes in relatives: lessons from the European Nicotinamide Diabetes Intervention Trial (ENDIT) cohort.
CONTEXT Antibodies to islet autoantigens are detectable many years before clinical onset of type 1 diabetes and can be used to identify individuals at increased risk of diabetes. Zinc transporter 8Expand
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Azide and Tween-20 reduce binding to autoantibody epitopes of islet antigen-2; implications for assay performance and reproducibility.
Autoantibodies to islet antigen 2 (IA-2A) are important markers for predicting diabetes in children and young adults. Harmonization of IA-2A assay measurement is essential if results from differentExpand
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The endemic plants of Mozambique: diversity and conservation status
Abstract An annotated checklist of the 271 strict-endemic taxa (235 species) and 387 near-endemic taxa (337 species) of vascular plants in Mozambique is provided. Together, these taxa constitute c.Expand
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Threatened plants species of Guinea-Conakry: A preliminary checklist
Guinea-Conakry has one of the highest plant diversities in Sub-Saharan West Africa and is part of the Upper Guinean Forest ecoregion and the Guinean Forests of West Africa biodiversity hotspot.Expand
Synsepalum chimanimani (Sapotaceae), a new species from the Chimanimani Mountains of Mozambique and Zimbabwe, with notes on the botanical importance of this area
Abstract Synsepalum chimanimani S.Rokni & I.Darbysh., sp. nov., a small tree endemic to the forests of the southern foothills of the Chimanimani Mountains of Mozambique and Zimbabwe, is described andExpand