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Mechanistic investigations coupled with epidemiology, case-control, cohort and observational studies have increasingly linked isocyanate exposure (both chronic and acute) with pulmonary morbidity and mortality. Though ascribed for impairment in endothelial cell function, molecular mechanisms of these significant adverse pulmonary outcomes remains poorly(More)
Nowadays exploration of novel lipid-based formulations is akin to a magnet for researchers worldwide for improving the in vivo performance of highly lipophilic drugs. Over the last few years, new compositions of lipids have been developed, and the probable bioavailability enhancement has been investigated. We reviewed the most recent data dealing with(More)
Increased leukocyte apoptosis is intrinsically linked to disease patho-physiology, susceptibility to and severity of infections in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients. A consistent defect in neutrophil function is considered central to this increased risk for infections. Although redox imbalance is considered a potential mediator of these associated(More)
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