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Taxonomic significance of foliar epidermal morphology in Lamiaceae from Pakistan
A taxonomic key was developed to delimit and correctly identify studied taxa and further molecular, other anatomical and phylogenetic studies are recommended to strengthen the systematics of Lamiaceae. Expand
Foliar epidermal anatomy of Lamiaceae with special emphasis on their trichomes diversity using scanning electron microscopy
Foliar epidermal features were based on the micromorphology of trichomes types, epidermal cells and stomatal complex. Even though each feature has its own limited taxonomic value but collectivelyExpand
Using multiple microscopic techniques for the comparative systematic of Spergula fallax and Spergula arvensis (Caryophyllaceae)
The multiple microscopic techniques provided sufficient evidence about the systematics of the genus Spergula and analytical keys were developed for the identification and distinction of the species S. fallax and S. arvensis. Expand
Palyno‐anatomical studies of monocot taxa and its taxonomic implications using light and scanning electron microscopy
Palyno‐anatomical study of monocots taxa using Light and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) was first time conducted and a taxonomic key was developed, which help in the discrimination of studied taxa. Expand
Taxonomic study of subfamily Nepetoideae (Lamiaceae) by polynomorphological approach
Pollen traits of the subfamily Nepetoideae was found significant to classify the taxa and provide additional evidence to distinguish macromorphologically similar taxa from each other. Expand
Traditional usage of medicinal plants among the local communities of Peshawar valley, Pakistan
Abstract Peshawar has a miscellaneous range of population that consequently brought their traditional knowledge of plants to the valley. Aims of the study were to report and document the traditionalExpand
The unprecedented magnitude of the 2017 dengue outbreak in Sri Lanka provides lessons for future mosquito-borne infection control and prevention
Abstract Background The outbreak of dengue during 2017 in Sri Lanka is the worst incidence of this mosquito-borne virus infection in the South Asian country since records began. Methods In thisExpand
Taxonomic study of one generic and two new species record to the flora of Pakistan using multiple microscopic techniques
Two new species Ajuga reptance L and Sphagneticola trilobata (L.) Prusk are reported for the first time in Pakistan flora as these species were neither listed in any other literature nor identified before in Pakistan. Expand
Taxonomic importance of spore morphology in Thelypteridaceae from Northern Pakistan
Spore morphology of Thelypteridaceae species growing in Malakand Division, Northern Pakistan, was studied using both light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy for grouping and discrimination of species and genera. Expand
Palynological characteristics of selected Lamioideae taxa and its taxonomic significance
The pollen morphology of some selected taxa of the subfamily Lamioideae from Pakistan is documented and strengthens the taxonomic identification of subfamily based on pollen characters, which helps in the correct identification, discrimination of the species of Lamioidesae at generic and species level. Expand