Saara Vainio

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Some Ts in nuclear DNA of trypanosomes and Leishmania are hydroxylated and glucosylated to yield base J (β-D-glucosyl-hydroxymethyluracil). In Leishmania, about 99% of J is located in telomeric repeats. We show here that most of the remaining J is located at chromosome-internal RNA polymerase II termination sites. This internal J and telomeric J can be(More)
CONTENTS ORIGINAL PUBLICATIONS 6 ABBREVIATIONS 7 ABSTRACT 9 REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE 11 1. Cell membranes and cholesterol 11 1.1 Cellular membranes 11 1.1.1 Basic structure and components 11 1.1.2 Cholesterol-sphingolipid interaction 14 1.1.3 Distribution of cholesterol and other lipids in cell membranes 15 1.2 Cholesterol homeostasis in mammalian cells 16(More)
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