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Of God(s), Trees, Kings, and Scholars: Neo-Assyrian and Related Studies in Honour of Simo Parpola
The rather euphemistic “lady of the house”,2 bēlat bēti,3 appears twelve4 times in the extant Neo-Assyrian sources. The overall interpretation of the compound must, however, be more complex than itsExpand
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Power and Women in the Neo-Assyrian Palaces
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Women and Power in Neo-Assyrian Palaces
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Neo-Assyrian elite women
Of GOd(s), Trees, KinGs, and schOlars
Some of the latest Neo-Assyrian texts so far excavated were unearthed by Koldewey already in 1903 in the South Palace built by Nebuchadnezzar II in Babylon. A short description of the finds togetherExpand
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Improving proliferation resistance of high breeding gain generation 4 reactors using blankets composed of light water reactor waste
Fertile blankets can be used in fast reactors to enhance the breeding gain as well as the passive safety characteristics. However, such blankets typically result in the production of weapons gradeExpand
Studying Gender in the Ancient Near East: First Steps and Future Prospects
The Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale held in Paris in 2009 enabled us to realize we both had a common interest: gender studies. This common interest materialized in a joint project we launchedExpand