Saakshi Goel

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The occurrence of an extrarenal Wilms tumor in the lumbosacral region is an extremely uncommon condition. We report a case of Wilms tumor in the lumbosacral region that was associated with diastematomyelia and occult spina bifida. An 18-month-old girl presented with a swelling over the lower back with a tuft of hair on it, which she had had since birth.(More)
A case of plasmacytoma arising from the hyoid bone is described, this is a distinctly unusual site, as the marrow-containing flat bones are more commonly affected. On a review of the literature this appears to be the first report of plasmacytoma occurring in the hyoid bone. The patient underwent a CT scan and plain radiographs. Histopathology was diagnostic.
Sixteen cases of carcinoma head pancreas and seven cases of periampullary carcinoma are staged together on CT scan because of their morphological similarity and similar parameters. Following parameters are considered for CT staging: tumour mass, involvement of splanchnic vessels, locoregional lymph nodes and presence or absence of hepatic metastases.(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to clinically evaluate the benefits of sub gingival chlorhexidine (CHX) varnish and biodegradable CHX chip application used as an adjunct to scaling and root planning (SRP) as combined therapy and also to compare the effect of combined therapy with SRP alone. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifteen patients with at least(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Monitoring is the global method of observation and data recording in relation to body organ and system function that afford constant information to ensure continuous evalutation of the patient's physical condition. Basic monitoring provides essential information for assessing the vital signs, both circulatory and respiratory, and(More)
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