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Optimum extraction of energy from a wind turbine requires that turbine speed vary with wind speed. Existing solutions to produce constant-frequency electrical output under wind-speed variations are undesirable due to complexity, cost, inefficiency or reliability issues. We propose a novel variation of a doubly-fed induction generator which aims to improve(More)
We report a detailed experimental characterization of the wavelength conversion of 10 Gb/s non-return-to-zero differential phase shift keying (NRZ-DPSK) optical signals based on four wave mixing (FWM) in a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA). The performance of this coherent wavelength converter is compared with theoretical results and found to perform(More)
An efficient genetic algorithm (GA) assisted bit error rate (BER) monitoring in digital communication link using a sum of Gaussian approximation (SGA) to the non-Gaussian link output variate is presented. The validity of the proposed method is established by both theory and experiment in three specific scenarios viz. non-coherent amplitude-shift-keying,(More)
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