Saadia Shahzad

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Image retrieval on the basis of similarity is an important task in many image database applications. Majority of the users' requests requires retrieving those images in the database that are spatially similar to the query image. In image databases, images are represented by symbolic images. Spatial relationships in a symbolic image are represented by 2D(More)
BACKGROUND Rapid growth of medical knowledge has created major changes in technology which in turn has created greater demand of the client for better health services, and health sector is constantly under pressure of great internal and external demands. Quality of services, largely depend on to what extent managers are well versed with the concept of(More)
BACKGROUND Management in health sector is becoming focus of attention world over being an important subject due to resource crunch particularly in developing countries. Beside sociodemographic factors, poor management in health sector is also an important factor responsible for poor health in developing countries. Moreover, there is gross lack of effective(More)
Trisomy 21, chromosomal disorder related with Down syndrome (DS), is the most common cause leading to learning disability among all races and all human population. Having a child with Down syndrome in developed world has now become less of an unfortunate incidence in the lives of the parents; not because they do not realize the tough road ahead for their(More)
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