Saadia Faisal

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It has been observed that genetic regulatory networks share many characteristics with Boolean networks such as periodicity, self organization etc. Moreover it is also a known fact that in these networks, most genes are governed by canalizing Boolean functions. However, the actual gene expression level measurements are continuous valued. To combine discrete(More)
Der Beitrag beschreibt einen neuen Ansatz zur Modellierung des dynamischen Verhaltens der Genexpression. Im Gegensatz zu bekannten Modellbildungsmethoden können mit Hilfe der vorgestellten Methode sowohl diskrete biologische Regeln, wie z.B. die kanalisierenden Eigenschaft der Gen-Wechselwirkung, als auch kontinuierliche Messdaten berücksichtigt werden.(More)
A new approach for modelling the dynamics of gene expression from time series microarray data is presented. A modelling method based on a continuous representation of Boolean functions in the form of Zhegalkin Polynomials is proposed. Structural information known from theoretical biology like the canalizing property can be included as well as continuous(More)
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